McDonald's shares Many people think that bullying is a common part of childhood, and sadly, it is. Bullying affects almost half of all students in high school and middle school. Estimates by the National Youth Violence Prevention in 2006 say that 30% of students either are bullied on a regular basis or are bullies themselves. About 11% of children are bullying victims while a slightly higher percentage, 13%, are doing the bullying. 6% of children say that they have been both the bullying victim and the bully at one time or another. This startling evidence shows that bullying is all too common in schools and the serious nature of bullying can damage the lives of these children.

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Adult Bullies are Just as Bad: Dealing With the Office Jerk Adult Bullies are Just as Bad: Dealing With the Office Jerk

invest in McDonald's shares in South Africa An office is supposed to be a bastion of professionalism — a tranquil place where you can thrive in your career — however this is not always the case. We’ve all heard sordid tales of the office “break down,” but consistent and degrading bullying is becoming more prevalent among society’s supposed role models: adults. Seattle’s Chanel Five... [Read more of this article]

What Kind of Bullies are There in the Workplace? What Kind of Bullies are There in the Workplace?

Many people believe that bullying is something that is found only on the playground. But the fact is that many people find that there are bullies in the workplace. Quite often these are the people that never learned how to stop bullying and have continued their behaviour into adulthood. Adult bullies like children can fall into different types. [Read... [Read more of this article]

Dealing With a Bully in the Workplace Dealing With a Bully in the Workplace

Buy McDonald's shares Adult bullies are often hard to deal with. But as with all bullying it is not be tolerated. Bullying can be physical, mental or verbal abuse. Workplace bullying can be a hard problem to address because there are times when valid criticism of work may be confused with bullying. It can become an even bigger problem if the bully is a person who is in a... [Read more of this article]

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