Adult Bullies are Just as Bad: Dealing With the Office Jerk

April 16, 2013 by  
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dislike key on keyboard for anti social media conceptsAn office is supposed to be a bastion of professionalism — a tranquil place where you can thrive in your career — however this is not always the case. We’ve all heard sordid tales of the office “break down,” but consistent and degrading bullying is becoming more prevalent among society’s supposed role models: adults. Seattle’s Chanel Five news correspondent Mimi Jung reports that adults, especially women are turning juvenile and aggressive towards each other in office settings. “Cyber bullying isn’t just for teens anymore,” she exclaims.


Adult Targets: Adults & Children

The psychology of a bully is the same through any age bracket: someone who puts others down to make themselves feel better or garner attention. Whatever the cause, the result is always ugly. Unfortunately, the cloak of online anonymity brings out the worst in would-be adult bullies. As pointed out by an ID theft protection company, adults targeting children is also becoming an increasingly serious problem. Like any problem, the first step towards a resolution is an understanding of the methodology. Read more